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TKR6540 Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, EB410, A Block)

Hinge Pin Brace (CNC, 7075, EB410, A Block)

TKR5181 – Low Profile Wing Mount & Body Mounts (SL/EB/NB/ET/NT)

Product Description TKR5181 – Low Profile Wing Mount & Body Mounts (SL/EB/NB/ET/NT) This is a low profile wing mount with added wing position adjustability.  The wing sits 18mm lower than...

TKR4154 – Long Shank Pinion (hard steel, Mod 1, 5mm bore, 14t)

Product Description These hardened steel mod1, 5mm bore long shank pinions can be used with Tekno RC’s line of V3 Brushless Conversion Kits for the Losi 8, 8T, and Associated...

TKR45003 – V4 Wire Guides

Product Description The V4 wire guides make keeping your setup neat really easy.  These wire guides come with all V4 kits and are used for routing ESC and servo leads...

TKR450613R – V4 Drive Axle (rear, for 4506 AE RC8T, 4512 JQ, 42mm)

Product Description Rear drive axle (dog bone) for V4 AE RC8T (TKR4506) and also the V4 JQ THE Car (TKR4512).  Hardened steel construction. Contents: (1x) axle

TKRBB05134 – Ball Bearings (5x13x4, 4pcs)

Product Description TKRBB05134 – Ball Bearings (5x13x4, 4pcs) Diff pinion support bearings for the new TKR5016B transmission housing.  

TKRBB15214 – Ball Bearing (15x21x4, 4pcs)

Product Description TKRBB15214 – Ball Bearing (15x21x4, 4pcs) Inner axle bearings used with the new .4 CVA drive shafts. The .4 CVA’s have been redesigned with an oversized ball joint...

TKR5012 – TEKNO Gearbox (front)

Product Description TKR5012 – Gearbox (front)
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