So here we are, another week of lock-down. Not words I thought Id ever hear myself saying, but that's where we are.  So lets make the best of it!


So with the doors locked it makes for a very different week.  Thank you to all of those who have supported us via web orders, phone orders and Ebay orders.  We are still getting the orders out each day and off to you as quickly as possible, and look forward to continuing to meet your modelling needs in this way until we can all get back to business as usual.  Stock is still coming in (when the courier companies don't decide we are closed and don't even load parcels on the van before returning to sender - but that's another story!!).  Orders from Tamiya, Arrma, Schumacher to name a few made it in this week, so Tamiya paint rack (almost) fully stocked, with one member of the team suggesting we should get another one built up and lots of new and restocked plastic kits,  The team just love 15 boxes of Tamiya stock landing in one go.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mick and Curtis for keeping the wheels turning in these difficult times.  We are taking every precaution we can to make sure staff and customers remain safe, and closing to walk in customers makes that just a little bit easier.  


Well there is no racing to talk about, but we have seen some interesting projects and awesome 'back yard' tracks appearing on our Facebook page - why not take a look and add whatever you are up to at the minute. We love to see what our customers are up to.

I have found myself watching some RC stuff on YouTube.  One that I particularly paid attention to was on Kevin Talbot's YouTube channel - here is the link.  Really love the idea of a lock-down freestyle challenge, so would encourage everyone who can take part to take part - just need an RC car, a little space, a camera phone and away you go.  Why not post your effort on our Facebook page  and if the winner happens to have also posted their video on our page before results are announced - there might be a prize in it for them!!

This video - here - from RC Driver online kinda made me want to build one of the Tamiya Comical kits which look like great fun in a small space.  If you too fancy one of these here is a link to our stock.

I have also been looking at finishing a 1:24th scale Zakspeed Capri from Tamiya I started many years ago.  This got me looking to how to paint it and wow those Tamiya LP paints are impressive!  Check them out here.

A couple of podcasts I have also found that I like to listen to are:-

A State of RC - this weeks had Elliot Boots on talking from lock down in Italy

The No Name RC Podcast - been trying to find time to listen to episode 68 where Infinity's owner Kenji Taira is interviewed.


So if driving your RC car is off the cards for a little while and you need to safely store your Lipo's, this video from Trish Neal of Trishbits and Schumacher Racing offers some great advice.

Or if you are fortunate enough that now you have more time than ever for you RC hobby we have plenty of extra Lipo batteries in stock.


So thank you for reading our first short Made in Modeltune blog post and I hope you find something interesting in it.  Hopefully we make this a weekly occurrence, so if you have something interesting you would like to contribute please drop message to our Facebook page or send an email


For those of you who are now working from home this made me smile.

 Stay home, stay safe and please stay well - see you all soon.

The Modeltune Team