Vanquish VS4-10 Fordyce 1/10 Scale RTR Trail Truck The Vanquish Products VS4-10 Fordyce Ready-to-Run (RTR) Straight Axle Rock Crawler has been built upon a proven chassis and given a killer...


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Vanquish VS4-10 Fordyce 1/10 Scale RTR Trail Truck

The Vanquish Products VS4-10 Fordyce Ready-to-Run (RTR) Straight Axle Rock Crawler has been built upon a proven chassis and given a killer retro-inspired bodyshell. The drivetrain features is constructed using the Vanquish Products VFD Spec Transmission and molded F10 axles. A brushed 35T VM-1 Motor and VE-1 3S capable ESC give you full control and allow for extreme scale movement. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, the Vanquish VS4-10 Fordyce Ready to Run Rock Crawler stands ready to deliver unparalleled off-road performance and excitement.

Fitted with the highly desired VFD Spec transmission and the reliable F10 Straight Axles, this capable crawler is primed for trail-blazing action. Boasting a 6.5% OD (Over Drive) VFD gearset, driven by the VM-1 Motor, it delivers exceptional slow-speed control and an all-around impressive crawling performance. The F10 straight axles are outfitted with a one piece ring gear and spool and is paired with a precision-machined pinion gear. The robust chromoly universal axle shafts allow for an impressive steering range of up to 49 degrees. Full ball bearing support and 32P pinion and spur ensure an impeccably smooth and consistent drivetrain.

Facilitating the seamless connection between the VFD Spec and the F10 Axles, the Vanquish VS4-10 employs the advanced ISD10 driveshafts. These driveshafts feature meticulously crafted CV-style joints at both extremities, coupled with molded splined shafts that interlink them, ensuring a fluid, noiseless, and remarkably efficient performance. The incorporation of sizable 8mm bore S8E shocks adds to the suspension prowess, boasting dual X-Ring cartridges and precision-engineered threaded caps, complete with a meticulously sealed upper bleeder screw. Fine-tuning the S8E preload is effortlessly achieved through the utilization of threaded shock bodies and collars, exemplifying the system's user-friendly design.


VS4-10 Fordyce RTR


RTR Features:

  • VT-1 Digital 4 Channel Transmitter: Elevating your RTR experience, the VT-1 introduces unparalleled features and tuning capabilities. Boasting fifteen model memory slots, multi-channel endpoint customization, rate adjustment, a digital screen, and strategically positioned switches for the 3rd and 4th channels, this transmitter encapsulates a wealth of functionalities tailored to your preferences.
  • VE-1 ESC: Empowering your adventures with 3S LiPo compatibility, the VE-1 ESC seamlessly integrates a built-in BEC that not only energizes the steering servo but also accommodates any additional accessories you choose to incorporate. Precision-tuned for the VS4-10 Fordyce RTR, the VE-1 ESC is ingeniously designed to deliver remarkable brushed performance.
  • 35T Brushed Motor: Engineered with a closed endbell configuration, the VM-1 motor is meticulously calibrated to the specifications of the VS4-10 Fordyce RTR. This motor excels in producing trail-enhancing torque while maintaining an optimal speed profile, ensuring you confidently conquer even the most rugged terrains.
  • Metal Gear Servo: Steering excellence takes center stage as the VS4-10 Fordyce incorporates the formidable Vanquish VS-1 servo, boasting an impressive 200oz-in of torque. Engineered to withstand diverse environments, the VS-1 Servo couples its water-resistant and durable design with steadfast metal gears and a 25T output spline compatible with industry-standard servo horns.
  • Licensed Falken Wildpeak 1.9 Tires: An epitome of meticulous engineering, Vanquish engineers dedicated over a year to perfecting their exclusive "red" compound, flawlessly complemented by the Wildpeak tread. The result is the VS4-10 RTR's comp-ready stance, rendering tire upgrades unnecessary due to its unparalleled traction and performance.


  • Drivetrain:
    • VFD Spec Transmission
    • F10 Straight Axle Housings
    • Offset Pumpkin Front Straight Axle
    • Centered Pumpkin Rear Straight Axle
    • Universal-style front axle shafts
    • Double Shear Shock Mounts
    • ISD10 Driveshafts
  • VFD SpecTransmission:
    • Standard Overdrive 6.5%
    • Slipper Clutch
    • Sintered Internal Gears
    • Hardened Chromoly Shafts
    • Molded VFD Spec Extended Skid Plate for Motor Protection
    • Molded Battery and Electronic trays
    • Full ball bearing transmission
    • Scale Molded Transmission Housing
    • Molded 6mm motor plate
    • 32P 56T Spur and 13T Steel Pinion
  • F10 Straight Axles:
    • Molded Axle housings
    • Universal Style Axle Shafts
    • 49 Degrees of Steering
    • High Caster reinforced C-Hub
    • High-Pinion Hypoid Machined Axle Gears (30/8)
    • 5mm Output shafts with M4 wheel nut
    • One-Piece Molded Bearing Retainers
    • Adjustable Lower Shock Mounting Position
    • Scale removable third member
    • Machined aluminum red anodized rear fill cap with molded install tool
  • Chassis:
    • Heavy Duty High Clearance Steel C-Channel Frame Rails
    • Molded Front Inner Fenders with integrated LED mounts
    • Molded Rock sliders
    • High Clearance Bumpers
    • Integrated battery tray and electronic mounting positions
    • Stainless Steel links
    • Molded inner fenders with front body hinge and scale radiator mount
  • S8E Scale 90mm Shocks
    • The Incision S8E Aluminum Scale Shocks feature a larger 8mm bore for increased dampening and longer seal life
    • Dual molded X-Ring lower shock cartridge provides more sealing surfaces than standard O-rings
    • Threaded shock bodies allow a wide spring preload range
    • Scale shock cap with steel pivot ball and bleeder screw
    • Offset lower shock pivot balls allow for greater flexibility for tuning shock angles
    • Polished Shock shafts
    • Equipped with +5mm rod ends
  • Fordyce Body:
    • VRD1 Rear Cage
    • 3-Piece Body Design
    • Headlight and Tail Light buckets
    • Molded Grille
    • Hinged Design
    • Hidden body clips with quick release front pivot pin
  • Wheels and Tires:
    • 1.9 Falken Wildpeak M/T RED Compound Tires
    • Scale KMC KM237 Riot Beadlock Wheels


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Width: 9.53in (242mm)
  • Front/Rear Axle Width (Pin to Pin): 7.17in (182mm)
  • Height: 9.53in (242mm)
  • Wheelbase: 12.32in (313mm)
  • Pinion Gear: 13T
  • Spur Gear: 56T
  • Front Ratio: 41.3
  • Rear Ratio: 44.0
  • Transmission Ratio:
    • Front: 2.95
    • Rear: 3.15
  • Rear Ratio: 50.8:1
  • Axle Gear Ratio: 3.75:1
  • RTR Weight: 5.9lbs (2.7kg)


  • (1) Vanquish VS4-10 Fordyce Straight Axle RTR Rock Crawler with:
    • (1) VE-1 Brushed ESC
    • (1) VM-1 35T Brushed Motor
    • (1) VS-1 Steering Servo
    • (1) VT-1 Digital 4-Channel Transmitter
    • Product Manual

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) 2-3S LiPo Battery or (1) 6-Cell NiMH Battery with XT60 Connector
  • Compatible Battery Charger

      VPS09012B Vanquish Products VS4-10 Fordyce Straight RTR Axle Rock Crawler (Grey)

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